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All you want to know about Mind Reading

What is Mind Reading?

Mind Reading is a proficiency how exactly one person can assume the thoughts and feelings of our own minds as well as others. It was first presented by William Ickes and William Tooke in the year 1988. Human minds are filled with emotions. Mind Reading is how well we can distinguish the emotions we are undergoing from Joy, dreams, memories, hopes to fears, sorrows, regrets, annoy, nightmares. By concentrated attention, we will be able to understand the emotional working of minds. Mind Reading is also termed as Mindsight or empathic accuracy.


How to become a good Mind Reader?

            Boundless practice, dedication, enthusiasm, and concentration are always keys for good in something. In order to be good Mind Reader, good preparation should be developed to understand and control your own emotions. Once you can completely recognize and regulate your own emotions you will capably able to know the emotions of others. For better understanding others feeling, one should put yourself in the place of others and see circumstances through their eyes. It may better help to sense and identify others feeling and what precisely they want. Your subtle concern may perhaps involve with them.

To begin with clear your mind with all interruptions before you attempt to read someone’s mind. You ought to be a good listener. Good listening expertise in the sense that you should be able to pin your ears back what others are saying and what others are not saying as well. Listen as if you are able to understand what they are saying and not for the sake of responding.  At the start make sure to enquire people if what you are intuiting from them is true or not. The key to understanding others is to interact, observe and seize their emotional feeling. During interactions time, so many factors should be taken into account of. Body language and posture is the primary one to ponder. It is the clear indication of what they are thinking. The way they breathe, the tone of voice and the eyes can also reveal their inner emotions.


How Mind Reading helps you?

Mind Reading helps to observe us closely what and how well we feel, think, response and behave in deepness.  It makes possible to realize what is inside, aid you in decision-making at the right time. It gives the talent to recognize the mind with greater transparency. Knowing it well, you will be able to reformat and relay inner feelings.


Mind Reading shows and Magic

          When Mind Reading and Magic art are merged it takes to the internal journey exploring the mysteries of your mind. It makes the audience wordless experience fascinated with magical and supernatural space challenging to tell apart.


Mind Reading Shows in Cochin /India

Nipin Niravath is renowned and Kerala’s top mind reader, mentalist, magician, and psychological entertainer. He has proficiency in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), body language analyzing, hypnosis and art of magic. Niravath has become increasingly well known for his mind-reading show and stage hypnotism performance. He has attained eminence as motivational speaker and trainer.


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