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It was really an exciting thing when I got the opportunity to entertain the audiences of city like Bangalore. When it comes to read minds of people it’s essential to give some idea about hypnosis as well. Mentalism is an art of mind reading that makes people entertain by some confusing tricks. Apart from Neurolinguistic programming, telepathy, and magic, Hypnosis also comes under the Mentalism. Hypnosis is a trick to inspire the inner mind. There are so many things that only a few know about Hypnosis. As a mentalist point of view, Hypnosis has so many pros.

The purpose of Hypnosis trance is a lot more than to increase the suggestibility. The unconscious state of mind is smarter & practical than the conscious mind. It has a much better solution to the problem. At a particular state of hypnosis and meditation, the person gains greater access to unconscious resources. There are positive effects of hypnosis and medication. Hypnosis process can help to induce trance and deliver suggestions in a person’s unconscious state. Many of the signs of hypnosis are unassuming and could be recognized by an experienced person only. With the Heart-centred Therapies, it is possible to access the inner knowing of our unconscious. Eventually, at an unconscious level, it is something like tied to the anchor emotionally, and psychically. Hypnotherapy has a documented and clinically-proven record of success.

Through the hypnotherapy, depression can be reduced by finding the causes and issues to an extended level and can be treated. It can also reduce stress to a higher level. Apart from the emotional and mental cure, it can treat even migraine. Moreover, it can increase concentration and thereby improve performance. It can heal from mental trauma as well. Besides all, it can help patients with cancer. Furthermore, it helps the couple to find out the actual problem and in that way improve the intimacy and communication that is most needed in a relationship. It can also treat addiction such as smoking and reducing the unhealthy longings. It has a strong success record on most of the treatment.

It was really such a prestigious moment to perform Mentalism show at the ITC Gardenia Hotel, Bangalore and to convey the interesting factors of Hypnosis and the way it is helpful in our fast-paced life. I deeply thank Smiths Medicals, a leading global manufacturer of specialty medical devices for organizing such an event and giving an opportunity to perform Hypnosis & Mentalism Show.