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Intuitions – An Interactive Stage Show from Nipin Niravath

‘Intuitions’, is an interactive stage show of Nipin Niravath, for all the age groups - from family to corporate audiences, everyone can enjoy and get entertained. Perfectly suitable for wedding parties, birthday parties, family get-togethers, multi - national product launch events and many more. The show runs from 45mins to 2hrs depending on the entertainment requirement. The show consists of mind reading, magic show, stand-up comedy, freestyle dances, music and much more to make your event most entertaining and memorable.

In his programme, ‘Intuitions’, he replays the murder of a woman that occurred in 1873 without letting the audience know about it. He creates the entire scenario, with suspects and witnesses and make the audience arrive at the verdict. He also adds a little of the mystical elements which totally confuses the crowd on whether there is indeed a ghostly presence or it’s all based on psychological observations and intuitions. However, he does not endorse superstitions and dispels it by the end of the programme.



Nipin Niravath is considered to be one of the renowned mentalists in the country. He is also a famous psychological entertainer, illusionist, mind reader and a motivational speaker. He has been putting on breath-taking performances for the past two decades through his shows on stage, television, private events and corporate shows. He has been increasingly known by millions of people in and around the world from his appearances on TV shows in Mazhavil Manorama including "Ugram Ujjwalam", "Onnum Onnum Moonu" and many other television and news programmes. He have earned international acclaim as the best mentalist and psychological entertainer in India, with his mind-blowing performances of thought influencing, mind reading and miraculous prediction.



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