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Niravath, the mind magician steals hearts of Bahrain audiences

Nipin Niravath is Kerala's foremost magician, mentalist, corporate mind reader and psychological entertainer. He is expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), body language analysing, hypnosis and art of magic. His knowledge in the world of mentalism is abundant and his dedication towards this art is really great. Since redefining the genre of magic for intelligent and modern audiences, he has become synonymous with the art of psychological manipulation. Nipin Niravath has been putting on breath-taking performances for nearly 2 decades and has dazzled millions of people both in India and internationally through his stage shows, television shows and other appearances in public. 

Mentalism is a subcategory form of magic. But instead of pulling rabbits out of a hat and doing cheap illusions, it revolves more around the mental side of things. Mentalism, also known as “Mind Magic” uses observation, hypnosis or mental acuity to manipulate someone's thoughts and behaviour. Mentalism can involve manipulating people to believe an idea was theirs when in reality, it was the mentalist who subliminally planted that thought or idea into their mind. Mentalism is the most impressive form of magic and indeed growing because it makes the Mentalist appear to be a mind reader and even a Psychic when performing certain techniques and tricks. Mentalists often use subliminal messaging and hypnosis within their acts to enhance the effects, as everyone likes to see someone being hypnotized and made to do funny things. 

Hypnosis is a very highly popular form of Mentalism. Psychiatrists actually regard hypnosis as an everyday activity or state that we undergo when we are watching movies, reading books, or driving down a long empty road. When we are doing these sort of activities, we enter a trance-like condition in which we are very vulnerable to the power of suggestion and feel extremely relaxed. Some people are mistakenly under the impression that hypnosis is like being or falling asleep, but it's actually a hyper-aware or hyper-attentive state. It's also a state of total consciousness. 

Having a high sense of observation is also an important factor to become a Mentalist, being able to notice the small body movements and fall facial twitches can be very important when it comes to Cold Reading a subject. When people see Mentalists, many come away thinking that they must be psychic because of the things that they have been able to do, but in reality, they're just using subliminal messaging, paying attention and manipulation to plant thoughts into our mind. 

Nipin Niravath, the complete stage artist, and the corporate entertainer did a mentalism show which was organized by St. Paul's Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam at Bahrain. Nipin Niravath on his every mentalism shows brings something interesting for everyone. Recently he did some interactive mind reading shows in America that blew the mind of audiences there. The audience in Bahrain expected the same kind of performance from him and he succeeded in delivering the same. He is looking forward becoming the best mentalist and mind reader in Doha and all over Bahrain through his upcoming shows. He is still continuing his journey as a corporate mentalist and psychological entertainer

Nipin Niravath has become increasingly well known for his mind-reading shows and stage hypnotism performances. His mind reading and mentalism shows will be apt for a business meet, training program, wedding ceremonies, private parties, reunions or any other event, he has a variety of ideas to catch the attention of the audiences. His mentalism shows are custom designed for both corporate and family audiences. He has also attained eminence as a motivational speaker and trainer. 

Book the most famous Mentalist in India for your corporate events or private functions and ready to get excited. 


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