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Mentalist Nipin Niravath

A person who defies the law of believability of the human mind by using the 5 known senses to create the illusion of the 6th sense is called a “Mentalist”. The show which involves the demonstration of psychic feats with great showmanship to make the audience experience the real mind boggling mysteries is known as Mentalism. It uses modern sciences of psychology, body language reading and NLP techniques to plant a thought in human mind to give a display of extraordinary mental feats which everyone believes as real mind reading.

Nipin Niravath, who specializes in this art form for more than two decades. Performing more than 1000’s of stage demonstrations and half a century of television performances has become a real maestro in this field. He has received many appreciations and accolades from many well-known personalities. He has been awarded the best television performer for the extraordinary mind mysteries by the United States association.

He spends most of his time in the development of this art form and creating new mysteries In his every shows. Someone ones said “Miracle is always in you. You won’t get it , unless you search and find it”     


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