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As a Mentalist when I reached Poojapura central jail, primarily I could sense darkness in the eyes of convicts. I was able to perceive so many queries coming from their mind like how could the world and the things go back to after so much happened. I wanted to convey, that at the end everything will pass even the darkness and its shades. A new sunshine will come with even more shine taking the right path. Turning back to the stories is not going to help if one wants to move on with his life. I saw different types of people with different backgrounds and mind-set dangling in the jail with their crimes. Giving such a motivational talk was really a challenging one. Some approaches work with only a few.

Self-help has indeed the enlightening power to think and take things in a different aspect of overruling mind. Through the program Mind- a Mystery, I tried to convey the furtive truth behind the mind. The way to observe us closely and how to respond. With a little help of concentration and practice makes possible to realize what’s going through our mind and make you to take a correct decision at the right time. It will be helpful to reformat and relay inner feelings and stop you from doing something wrong. Above all, one should be aware that, no program or people can provide what a person himself possess. Eventually, it would be a person’s decision to think about actions, how all it could have done and what all changes to be made. When a person starts thinking critically, he will be able to start realizing about all the choices in any situation and thus will get options to how to proceed.

As a first step some measures should be taken to heal the mind. Offenders who were abused or neglected should start with a meaningful healing process either through spirituality or some other way to understand the reasons that lead them down the wrong path. Once a person reaches the viewpoint, a little intensive training can change the mind-set of the offender. With the exposure to ethical and moral issues related subjects, it would help inmates’ to evaluate the past and current actions. My intention was to aware person with the internal strength and make him learn new skills and to encourage the mind. They can now see that their preceding lifestyle wasn’t favourable to them living the type of life that they wanted for themselves or their families

In conclusion, It was really a great pleasure to be invited to perform "Mind, a Mystery" at the Trivandrum central prison as Mindreader. The show executed well, very joyful and mystical applauses from the captives and officials truly meant the result of my new program. Finally, higher officials requested my support for their future ventures. I accepted with a smile. I deeply thank everyone at the premise and specially DIG Pradeep Sir, Jail superintendent Santhosh Sir., Thomas Sir., Sumanth Sir, Rajesh Kumar Sir., Nirmalanad Sir for this wonderful opportunity.