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Upcoming Events For Nipin Niravath in Kerala & Australia

Nipin Niravath is a Malayali illusionist, mentalist and psychological entertainer. Beginning as a 'close-up' magician, he started putting on his own stage shows in the 90's. From that time he has been captivating audiences all over the world with his astonishing close-up magic, mind reading and interactive stage shows. His unique skills combined with his entertainment activities & professionalism have resulted in him quickly becoming one of the most sought after acts of this type for hire in the country today. He is known for his appearances in television channels, stage shows and special event programmes.

He regularly entertains the audiences through different stage shows, events and social media channels as well. He performs at literally every type of event you could imagine from corporate events, private parties, VIP events, stage shows and even as a wedding entertainer on your special day. Nipin Niravath will bring his new performance to the audience through his shows in Australia and at JT Pac.

Victoria, Australia - 27th August 2017
Nipin Niravath is coming to Australia as a part of Onam celebration of Malayalee Association of Victoria. He will perform at Springvale town hall, Victoria, Australia on 27th August 2017. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the live show from mentalist Nipin Niravath for the people in Australia who have watched his shows through television and other social media channels. Get ready for the amazing Mentalism show in Australia by the great mentalist and psychological entertainer. 

J T PAC - 24th September 2017
For an artist, JT Performing Arts Center (JT PAC) is like a stage where dreams come to life. JT PAC is first of its kind in the Cochin and several events by renowned artists and performing arts groups were conducted here. Nipin Niravath has got the opportunity to perform at this venue that preserves the heritage of various classical, traditional and contemporary performing and visual arts. It's been confirmed that Nipin will be scheduled to perform his popular show on 24th September. He always works to make his performance unique that is like nothing the audience has ever seen before. So save the date and book your tickets at the earliest. 

Now you can book online Nipin Niravath for all corporate and private events. He guarantees to astound your guests with his exciting and interactive activities. 



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