Mind Reading Show

Mind reading show is a redefined magic art form to suit the intellectual audience in this modern world. The show takes the audience on a tour of a place that lies outside reality and makes them get excited and enthralled when experiencing or witnessing something that appears to be magical and paranormal. It is an interior journey that explores the mysteries of your mind. Get ready to get excited and inspired. To be inspired is to be “in spirit.”

Close-Up Magic

Close-up magic or walk around magic fosters laughter and conversation between your guests, and they leave with personalized mementos of the event!. It does not require any stage settings. The interactive magic show will fascinate, amuse and thrill you with its trick and illusion. The magic is performed with everyday items as props, such as cards, coins and seemingly 'impromptu' effects. The close up magic show will take audiences to the edge of reality and beyond.

Motivation Programmes

A powerful motivation training programme can help people better undesrstand and use the untapped powers of the human mind. Niravath, as a motivational speaker, brings the dynamic energy and experience needed to motivate the audience while giving them tools to bring them closer to their goals. This motivation training programme can takes away everyday worries and concerns. Also it offers a truly unique experience that is relaxing, fun and enjoyable.


Intuitions’, is an interactive show for all the ages, all groups, can be enjoyed and get entertained from family to corporate audiences. Perfectly suitable for wedding parties, birthday parties, family get together, multi - national product launch’s and many more. The show runs from 45 Mins to 2 Hours depending on the entertainment requirement. The show comprises of one man Mind reading and magic show, Stand- up comedy, Free style dances, music and much more to make your event a most entertaining and memorable .

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